While editing this page, like everyone else I started with my successes. It turned out, however, that the text was not suitable for publication.


I was lucky enough to meet on my way wonderful Teachers. Apart from playing the piano, they instilled me what is most important in this profession: love for Music. But honestly, initially I did not want to teach at all. I wanted to perform and that is what I have been prepared for over the years. It was a coincidence that I started working at school, and this adventure continues to this day and is my great passion.


Is there a perfect teacher? I do not know. In my work I try to pass all the knowledge I have in such a way, that allows to educate a conscious musician first of all, and only then a pianist.


I consider working with the student as a constant challenge. Contact with a young person is an exceptionally responsible task that requires great determination and delicacy at the same time. After all, frequent, direct and individual contact with a student largely shapes his personality, not only as a musician. Being alone with the teacher, the student in a way takes over a part of his personality. In this context, the master-apprentice relationship should therefore be based on mutual respect, understanding, empathy and - if possible - friendship. It is good if the teacher is a model for the student, although it can be dangerous - in the process of education the individuality of a young person must not be lost.


When working with students, I try to have good and positive contact with them. For me, the most pleasant moments are when the pupils come just to chat and are not afraid of it. The competition successes of students, if they appear, are for me a great crowning achievement of mutual cooperation, but they do not constitute the aim in itself. I am looking for the student's value elsewhere than on the podium.


And now some informations: since 2003, I have been teaching piano at the General State Music School in Gdańsk. Currently, I am the head of the Piano Department there. The wealth of experience gained over the years of artistic work and passing them on to students, participation in various types of masterclasses and professional development, empathy towards the pupils as well as my education have meant, that I have students who like to play, are satisfied and achieve successes at competitions.


I also run teaching practice for students of the Academy of Music in Gdańsk. As part of the piano consultations, I am more and more often contacted by students from near and far abroad, which for me is a confirmation that what I do and how I do it, makes sense.

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