In 2013, I started cooperation with a great singer and excellent teacher, prof. Jadwiga Rappé, with whom I conduct, among others, at the Vocal and Acting Department of the Academy of Music in Gdańsk vocal lyric classes. I am also a vocal tutor in the class of dr hab. Anna Fabrello. In 2019, I acted as the official competition pianist of the 1st St. Moniuszko Polish National Vocal Competition in Gdańsk. I work with recognized singers, supporting them in their preparation for stage performances.


I conducted master classes for pianists and vocalists at the Haute École de Musique in Geneva (Switzerland) and in Plovdiv (Bulgaria). Over the years 2013-2022, I performed at countless concerts, auditions and exams, supporting young adepts of vocal art.


Working with singers is an extremely educational task for me, which entails a lot of hardship, but also a great satisfaction. When undertaking a performance with a vocalist, I do not limit myself only to accompaniment. Such cooperation is always a partnership. Regardless of the repertoire performed, I always create a stylish creation, consistent with the singer's interpretation, which is based on understanding and constant mutual inspiration. In this work I consider as very helpful the knowledge of several foreign languages, but also the awareness of the style of historical epochs and knowledge from the background of the history of art and theory of a given musical work.


A special place in my heart is reserved for vocal lyrics, where the piano and voice parts are inseparable, they form a whole, which is additionally reinforced by the often brilliant words of the poet. However, I am equally eager to replace the orchestra in opera parts for the singer - although these, due to the necessary context, usually sound better in the original. Using my skills, I always try to bring out the right, richly colored sound from the piano so that it does not appear as a substitute for a symphonic ensemble, but is a support for the soloist.

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